This is Homepage of ECO Trading JAPAN SURPLUS for handling export of disused items.

We support life of “No Disposing and No Burning”

We believe reuse is the best ecology and disused items in Japan are utilized in foreign countries.

We also buy large furniture.

Old and large used furniture which remain unsold in Japan. These old but well-built Japanese-made furniture, which is still very useful but cost of disposal has become bottleneck before.
These furniture is one of most popular items in Asia.
Please do not dispose of them and sell for us!

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Musical Instruments
PA, DJ Instruments and Equipment

Music is our common language in the world!
In Philippines, there is a musical culture of No Music No Life and a music performance is popular.
Since demand for used musical instruments is very high, we willingly buy guitars and any related products!
Please sell them in a bundle!

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Used Dishes, Toys, Shoes, and Bags

There are many cases that no-brand used items such as dishes, shoes, bags..etc are disposed of as trash/waste even if they were still in good conditions.
However, there are many customers who want to buy such items in Asian countries.
In order to protect the domestic industry, there are some export controlled items, but we send them not for a sales purpose but for kind of present as stuffing of furniture or others.

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We have a service of on-site buying and collecting your disused items.

We basically buy disused items at our store but if you have certain quantity of them, we can offer the on-site buying and collecting.We don’t charge the travel expenses if we decided to buy certain number of the items.
Also, we have a rental truck service for free, so please feel free to contact us about it.
In addition, we offer a door-to-door delivery service for buying.

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Small Contribution to Society with Disused Items

When we think about the global environment, we can find reusing is much better than recycling.

Let’s begin the earth-conscious life of “No Disposing and No Burning” from now, shall we? There are many persons who need your disused items in the world!

We support life of children living in Smokey Mountain in Philippines through NPO activity of Lotus Children by using part of profits from our export business.

Let’s make use of your disused items which has been stored in the closet or warehouse for many years and can end up as trash/waste to social contribution.